Welcome to my homepage. If you’re looking to get fit, lose weight, feel good and shape up you’re in the right place. It’s what I’ve been doing for over 10 years and luckily I’m pretty good at it these days.

Read on to find out more about what you can achieve through training sessions with me and find out what other people have experienced too.

From Chubby to Chizzled.
From Chubby to Chizzled.

Above is a before and after photo of me. Yes, I’m a personal trainer but I wan’t you to understand that I am not naturally thin like many people think and that for me to get into shape requires the same time and effort as you.  I’m the same as you. At Christmas or on holiday I’ll gain a stone, but I know exactly what to do to lose it. I’m a normal person but I know what what makes our bodies change for the better and I know how to keep myself and my clients motivated to do so.

I’m Dom Thorpe and I’ve helped over a hundred clients gain total control of their bodies through carefully planned programmes, nutrition advice and ENJOYABLE personal training sessions. Don’t believe me? Here’s a testimonial from a happy couple and there are more at the bottom of this page.

If you suffer from any of the following syndromes, I can help you too:

  • Your wardrobe is full of clothes which used to fit but you’re hoping that one day you’ll fit into them again
  • You’re still blaming your waistline on “baby weight”  despite the fact your kids are about to flee the nest
  • You’ve tried all of the diets but none of them seem to work for you
  • You hate exercise despite knowing that you need to do it and can’t bring yourself to exercise on your own
  • You know you need to get fit but you don’t know how to do it
  • You’ve been using a gym for years but you haven’t quite seen the results that you expect
  • You’re down on confidence because you know you don’t look as good as you used to
  • You wonder if it’s too late to get fit and wish you had started a long time ago (it’s not too late)

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Why do I do this?

Click on this link to download on Kindle now
Download on Kindle now

Although I am a fully qualified trainer today, that’s not what I always wanted to be. I studied Engineering Design at University however I worked in the gym to fund my studies. It was whilst working there I gained my fitness qualifications. As someone who has worked out since I was 14, I figured that I knew everything there was to know about fitness. However, during my courses I realised how little I knew. I felt it was crazy that this info wasn’t common knowledge and it still makes me mad that they don’t teach general health and fitness at schools. I feel like everybody should know what I learnt in my fitness instructor courses, if not more, so I’ve made it my mission to share this info with as many people as possible. I’ve even spent 5 years putting it into a format which is both fun and easy to read. If you’re interested, download a Kindle copy of The Full-time Worker’s Guide to a Good Physique here.

I’m passionate about fitness and extremely keen to share my knowledge. I know that age doesn’t equal weight gain and I know that nobody is naturally overweight. I want to share this with people in the best way possible and help people understand that they can still be fit and healthy despite their age, historical shape or living situation.

My Processes

There are no magic tricks to losing weight and getting in shape. However I have enough experience to have learnt what to say and how to shift the mindset of my clients in order to help them take control of their body shape and physical health. I also use the most up to date fitness techniques and nutrition advice.

It all starts with a face to face meeting which costs you nothing more than an hour of your time.

The Taster Session (probably the most important part of the process)

This is where I pay you a visit, sit down with you for about 20-30 minutes and we discuss everything, from your exercise history to your future goals, including diet, likes, dislikes and everything in between. I use this time to clearly outline what it will take to get into shape, where you are going wrong, where you can improve and how you can do this without it taking too much time or effort. Once I have enough info I’ll take you through some basic exercises in order for me to gauge an idea of your fitness levels, so I can plan a suitable programme, and you have the chance to see if you like the idea of working with me. If, after that 1 hour session you decide that you don’t want to go ahead with the training, no problem, no charge and no questions asked.

It’s taken me years to perfect the taster session process but I’m now at the point where I can easily switch the mindset of my clients into that of an exerciser and find out everything I need to know in order to get you started.

Programming and Planning (probably the second most important part of the process)

If, after the taster session you decide to go ahead with the training, I’ll use the info gathered during the taster session to put together a suitable training programme for you. I’ll also create a fitness planner which is my secret weapon when helping clients get fit. I spent around 4 or 5 years training clients without seeing results from them before I implemented the fitness planner in it’s current form. It really does make the difference. Since handing my clients the responsibility of hitting my training targets and putting them down on paper in an easy to read format, the results I’ve seen have improved drastically. When combined with the right nutrition advice and up to date training programmes it ensures that goals are easily achieved.

The Personal Training Sessions

Each time we meet I’ll bring all of the necessary equipment with me and go through an hour of training based on your targets, fitness levels and preferred training style. Whether you prefer to train once a week with me and do the rest on your own, or see me multiple times a week, as long as you’re doing what I recommend, you’ll start to see results within the first week. Each time I visit we’ll check in to see the progress you’re making and work out if we need to adjust the targets or revisit previous discussions.

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Need a SPECIAL OFFER to help you take the next step?

Look at this lovely set of FREE dumbbells!
Look at this lovely set of FREE dumbbells!

FINE! How about I give you a free set of dumbbells? Your very own pair which you can use to do your own home workouts? Just in case you didn’t already know, the secret to a nicely toned physique is weight training and a healthy diet. Yes, cardio is great for fitness but if you want to get into the best shape of your life you’ll need to kick out the cardio and start working with weights. Afraid of becoming too muscular? Don’t be. In order to gain muscle you need to do lots of weight training and eat lots of food. If you’re training with me you’ll be eating the right foods which will only make you slimmer, and more toned, rather than making you look like the HULK. Unless of course you want to look like the hulk in which case I’ll recommend a completely different diet and training regime. Either way, you’ll be looking like your version of the ideal body.

Terms apply. Offer extends to purchase made before 1st July 2016.

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Here are more testimonials in case you’re still not sure about me

Phil Spencer trains with Dom Thorpe
TV’s Phil Spencer

Over the last 15 years I have used various gyms as well as personal trainers but the results never seemed to quite match the effort required. I heard about DT Training via a friend and am happy to vouch for the fact that they offer an entirely different experience from anywhere or anyone else I’ve ever trained with. A highly professional consultation and free session at the outset convinced me to give them a go and they have succeeded where others have failed! I’ve been seeing Dom since the start of the year and, as well as being fun, he has managed to keep training sessions varied and challenging as well as informative. I get bored doing the same exercises week after week but he’s still introducing new ones 9 months later. He’s highly qualified and seriously knows his stuff. With Dom’s help I reckon I’m now as fit I was 5 years ago – the goal is to try and be as fit as I was 10 years ago. I couldn’t recommend Dom highly enough!

Phil Spencer – Channel 4, Location, Location, Location


Personal Training with Dom Thorpe has changed my life.

I came to Dom a few months before my fortieth birthday. I was tired, wasn’t sleeping properly and I had a wardrobe of pre-baby clothes which had not been worn in a decade. Dom provided me with a training program which ensured I was ‘fit at forty’.

The sessions were designed such that they were varied enough to be motivating and fun, but consistent enough to allow me to measure real progress. We worked on strength (I can now do three sets of twenty full press ups) and cardio (I can run around 5k in 30mins).

I turned forty in better shape than I was when I turned twenty.  I’ve dropped two dress sizes (almost 2 stone, 30″ waist jeans to 26″ waist jeans), have loads of energy and feel so much more confident.

We also worked on my diet, where I was encouraged to think about my real priorities when deciding on what to eat each day. I learned how to make sensible substitutions when dining out, swapping wine for gin & slimline and saying no to the bread basket but allowing myself to enjoy a steak – it doesn’t have to be salads all the time.  At no point did I feel hungry or ‘deprived’ and in all my years of dieting, this was a new experience for me.

Dom has helped me make so many positive changes to my life – I eat more healthily, I’m stronger, I’m fitter and I’m happier.

Thank you Dom!

Jill – Wandsworth


Lorna Carmichael

I’ve done a few triathlons but stupidly I signed up for a race from London to Paris, including a channel swim. I knew I couldn’t do it without putting in some serious training which was when I decided to hire a personal trainer. I found Dom via his website and he really took my fitness to another level. I’m pleased to say that I successfully completed the race and have kept seeing Dom since then.

Lorna Carmichael-Balham


Kate Lott

I’m a bit lazy (understatement) and since leaving Uni I’d gained almost 2 stone. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror last Christmas and realised that I had to do something about my weight. I enquired with Dom and within 5 minutes I was booked in for a free taster session. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done and I’m even slimmer now than I was when I left Uni. I’m still lazy but Dom really works me hard and I can’t speak highly enough of his services. I also understand what got me into that state in the first place and some fairly straight forward rules which prevent me from going back to that place again.

Kate Lott – Wandsworth


Shona McTernan

I assumed that age had gotten the better of me as I approached my wedding year. I met Dom who taught me that age isn’t a factor in my weight gain and that at 30 years old there’s no reason why I can’t be in the best shape of my life. He showed me how the lifestyle I had settled into was responsible for my weight gain and that a few simple changes would make losing weight, toning up and maintaining my body shape a simple task which I can take with me well into my senior years. Dom got me in great shape for my wedding and not only do I look and feel great, but I’m confident that this is the  body and lifestyle I’ll continue to lead for as long as I can-assuming the baby weight doesn’t get the better of me 😉

Shona McTernan – Balham


Merav and Will

We both work long hours and struggle to fit exercise around work and other commitments. Lack of motivation was also a factor and we therefore decided to think about going with a personal trainer.
DT Training was definitely more appealing than other personal trainers we contacted, as they could accommodate our different fitness levels whilst challenging us both using tailored programmes and they didn’t charge extra for training a couple like most personal training outfits would. This meant that we could train together and we have been thrilled with the results.
Since Dom has been our personal trainer Will has lost almost 2 stone, and I have lost almost a stone. This has been done over a 6 month period of 2 personal training sessions per week. We are both much fitter, mastering advanced exercises and running techniques we never thought we could get to on day 1!
Our personal training sessions start at 6am as this is the only time we are both free on a regular basis, and while it’s sometimes a struggle to get up, the exercise makes you feel much more energised! We have no doubt this is only thanks to Dom – whilst we both used to get bored of the same routine at the gym, we now enjoy exercising outdoors and Dom regularly introduces new personal training programmes and different types of workouts to ensure we continue to improve. He works with us to understand our goals and tailors each programme to push us that little bit more!
Dom is a highly recommended personal trainer.

Merav & Will – Brixton


Renata Mucska

As promised, I’m sending you some Before and After pics, and wanted to thank you for your work and achievement with us for our wedding, we looked our best on our BIG DAY!

The 5:2 diet became a lifestyle to me, mainly for health reasons. Also Duncan started it , both of us are still on one fasting day a week though as maintenance, which help us keep the unwanted kilos away too!

We keep going running, and I’m still doing pole once a week. I keep recommending you to our friends and we might want you back at some point (it’s just that the new house is taking a lot of money from us at the moment)

Hope you like the pics

Renata – Earlsfield


Hazel Parkinson

I cannot recommend Dom from DT training highly enough. He did a fantastic job, helping me get to my target weight for my wedding and toning up my body, so I felt great on my big day.

Lots of people have commented on how my body looks slimmer and more toned and my new husband absolutely loves it!

I feel leaner, stronger and most importantly, I can now do 30 press-ups in a row!

Thank you Dom

Hazel Parkinson – Streatham

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