Dom Thorpe, Personal Trainer.

Dom Thorpe has been working in the fitness industry in various capacities for over 10 years. Throughout those 10 years he has helped many people achieve their goals, whether it be weight loss, fitness, body shaping or just general good health, he’s found a way to tap into the various mindsets and work out what makes people tick.

His martial arts background plays a big role in his training as he finds that people respond well to the training and develop quickly under his one to one tuition. 4th in the UK for Tang Soo Do at his peak and experienced in Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Jui Jitsu, Thai Boxing, Wu Shu Kwan and Capoeira, he knows how to develop a well rounded fighter.

When weight loss is a goal Dom appreciates that diet will have a greater impact than exercise and writes his fitness plans with this in mind. He knows that it’s not just as simple as telling people what they should and shouldn’t be eating, but more about giving people easy solutions and alternatives to the high calorie treats which are so often responsible for the weight gain in the first place. Careful analysis of peoples’ priorities also helps them recognise that changes need to be made, and that your health must be shifted up the ladder of importance.

Although the simple solution to a great physique is train hard and eat healthily, Dom knows that this recipe for success doesn’t work for everyone. He’ll ask the right questions to find out what type of personality you have and adjust his training methods accordingly so you won’t be dreading your sessions, you’ll be looking forward to them!

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