Product Comparison-Sardines vs Mackerel

sardines and mackeral
sardines and mackerel-the diet of a personal trainer

Most of my day is spent on the road so while I’m trying to get into shape I need a good solution to the conundrum “how do I get enough protein in throughout the day?”.

My current diet should look like this:

Breakfast: 25 grams of protein + 25 grams of carbohydrates

Mid morning snack: 25 grams of protein

Lunch: 50 grams of protein + 25 grams of carbs

Mid afternoon snack: 25 grams of protein

Dinner: 50 grams of protein plus 25 grams of carbs & lots of veg

Post-gym snack: 25 grams of protein + 25 grams carbs (gym days only-obviously)

Most days I’m on the road all day with 30 minutes travel time in between sessions. Starting my first session at 6am and getting home at 10pm means that any fresh foods I carry with me would be spending a long time in the box on the back of my scooter. Consequently I’m not keen to pre-prepare chicken fillets and carry them around with me all day. I find it helps to carry a bunch of tinned goods with me at all times so I can stop by at the side of the road and “pop a can of fish” to get the protein fix. The question is “Sardines or Mackerel?”.

Let’s compare the two.



Obviously, the cheaper the better, so sardines win on cost. Taste-wise, neither are particularly tasty. However, the sardines do have bones and scales to contend with. They’re not so bad, but not having them is an improvement which is where the strength of the mackerel fillets lie. Obviously the Sardines hit my 25grams of protein mark which is way better than the mackerel, having just under 16grams per tin. I try to keep the sugar levels down so sardines wins on that front and finally, the more omega 3 the merrier, so sardines win again.

The sardines take it 4-5. See ya later, Mackerel Fillets.