There’s Nothing Quite Like a Roundhouse Kick to the Head

This month’s thing that made me proud:

A 40 year old mum of two whom I’ve spent the last 6 months training had a visit from her “sporty” friend from Brussels this weekend. She told her friend that she has a “Coach” (this is what she refers to me as) and has been learning to fight. In response her friend belittled her quoting something about nail varnish and makeup so she proceeded to do a roundhouse kick to her friend’s face (non-contact of course).

chuck norris
Chuck Norris Performs a Roundhouse Kick


Her friend from Brussels, who also trains in martial arts (Not Jeane Claude Van Damme, before you ask) looked surprised and returned the favour with a front kick to my client’s face. But it didn’t get her in the face because much to her, and her friend’s surprise, she instinctively blocked the kick and back-fisted her friend in the face (non-contact of course).

She was so pleased that this reflex action had been ingrained in her mind and the look on her face when she was telling me the story was sheer excitement.

I’m a proud “coach” today.

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